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So I have neglected my blog and didn’t realise that I have drafted some blog posts that just didn’t get published. Well this one was written in June last year which is quite shocking that it has taken so long to publish! Anyway here it is and i will attempt to be more timely with the blog posts from now on…

On Sunday 26th June 2016 we had our first Nihongo Scotland Daytrip. We set off at 10am and arrived back in Edinburgh around 6pm and 90% of the time we spoke only Japanese.
We wandered down to the beach, drew beach-related vocabulary in Hiragana in the sand.

We looked in on the seabird centre shop and discussed which items would make good omiyage for Japanese friends.

We had a lovely seaside lunch and discussed food names in Japanese.

We paddled in the sea, described how it felt, and looked around the town commenting in Japanese as we went.

We found that there are a lot of words for the beach in Japanese! Here is some of the vocabulary from the trip:

海 - うみ - Sea  – 私の家は海に面しています。 わたし の いえ は うみ に めんしています。My house looks toward the sea.

海辺 - うみべ - beach, seashore – 彼は、時折海辺に行くことが好きです。 かれ は、ときおり うみべ に いくこと が すきです。 He likes to go to the beach now and then.

海岸 - かいがん - coast, beach – 別荘は海岸にあります。べっそう は かいがん に あります。His holiday-house/villa is on the coast.

浜 -はま - beach, seashore

浜辺 - はまべ - beach, foreshore

砂浜 - すなはま - sandy beach

磯 - いそ - (rocky) beach, seashore

浦 - うら - seashore, beach

Next we headed to James’ house for his daughter’s, Japanese-themed 6th birthday party. We spoke Japanese whilst assisting with the creation of origami kabuto helmets, and continued using the language whilst helping the children to write their names in katakana on their hachimaki. We were also treated to sushi and some delicious cakes!

All this was finished off by writing messages in Japanese on Beth’s school playground blackboards (permission was requested in advance) for her classmates to discover the next day at school.

Or brains were tired at the end of the day and we got a little sunburnt but a great deal of vocabulary was discovered and speaking and listening abilities improved.

I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions for our next Nihongo Scotland Daytrip 😀

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